Original Productions and Live Performances

Indie Films, Documentaries, Web Series, Music Videos...

Imagica Productions is currently involved with several indie projects including feature films, Tuesday In The Park and Baptism Of Fire, several short films and several Web Series including Omicron Investigations and Coffee Shop Of The Damned.

We are never too busy to jump into a Music Video or Festival DVD project. We love music, we help people make music and we make music ourselves!


Sample Music Festival Video Channel

Mule Town Music Festival 2016 - Columbia, TN



Concept To Creation To Distribution

We can kick around ideas with you, produce it and help you sell it!

We love to draw storyboards, write scripts, film, edit, create sound and see it all the way through to distribution channels!


A visual arts production company with an ear for audio.

Featuring a multi track on location recording suite.

We make sure the visuals tell the whole story and we also know and appreciate how important audio is to any project and pay particular attention to sound quality and design!


Projects In Development

We are at various stages of concept to completion on the following projects:

Coffee Shop Of The Damned

We started with a short film, then made a few more and now are turning it into a Feature Film and Web Series.

Omicron Investigations

Web series with a dramatic interpretation of real events relating to the paranormal.

Tuesday In The Park

William Valenti wrote this feature script many years ago and if finally able to produce and direct the film! Plans are to shoot one of the scenes as a short film and enter it to festivals to raise the money for the feature project.

The Electric Hummingbird

Imagica performed all of the digital post production and audio for this feature film by Ignacio Medrano-Carbo, originally shot in 35mm color film in 1992.

The Voodoo Drivers

Imagica is developing this rock/jam/blues/funk band including their sound and appearance.

Fire At Sunset

This is a true multimedia project which started as a book of poetry by William Valenti, then became an album and now is in pre-production to become an art film and all encompassing published book with DVD. Performances will follow, planned for Stage/Movie Theaters and Art Houses.

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